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SFO CONFIDENTIAL - giving us information in confidence

While you might not be a victim of fraud or find yourself disadvantaged by corruption, you may come across them in your workplace, your business or even your competitors' businesses.

Regardless of your position, we appreciate that it can be difficult to know what to do when you suspect that someone you know is participating in wrongdoing.  However, it is important that you report your concerns so that these situations can be investigated. To make the process easier, we launched SFO CONFIDENTIAL to help individuals with knowledge of suspected fraud or corruption to report it in confidence to us.


Who is the service aimed at?

SFO CONFIDENTIAL is for people who want to tell us about serious or complex fraud or corruption on the understanding that we will not disclose their identity inappropriately.

If you have information about serious or complex fraud or corruption, we want to hear from you.  Your information could be about anyone, including your employer, colleagues, competitors or associates.

Even if you are concerned that you may be implicated in the offending in question or in other unrelated criminal activity, it is important that you speak to us.


I am a victim of serious or complex fraud.  Should I contact SFO CONFIDENTIAL?

No.  SFO CONFIDENTIAL is a service for people wishing to give information about fraud or corruption. It is not intended for the victims of fraud.

If you believe that you are a victim of fraud, please contact your local police force or Action Fraud, which is the UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre. It provides a central point of contact for information about fraud and financially motivated internet crime.


Is the service confidential?

Yes.  We will only reveal your identity on a strictly need-to-know basis or if a judge orders us to.  If we do have to reveal your identity, we will always consult you and consider your needs before we disclose your identity.

We will handle everything you tell us professionally and discreetly.  We will not disclose your identity to anyone unless they can show us that they have a genuine need to know it.  We may also have to disclose it if a judge orders us to - but these situations are very rare.  Even if we do have to disclose your details, we will consult you and fully consider your interests, as the source of the information, before we do so.

So that we can offer you the best protection we can, we would prefer to know your full identity, but you are free to remain anonymous if that is what you want.

If appropriate, we will give you a unique PIN or pseudonym to use if you want to give us further information in the future.  That way we will not need to ask you questions about your identity when you contact us again.

How will the SFO handle the information I give them?

We will record, store and use all the information you give us securely.

Our information recording system is purpose-built for receiving and storing confidential information.  Any information you send us through our website is encrypted immediately.  Our processes for storing and handling information comply with the law and are in line with industry standards.

If we share any of your information with other law enforcement agencies, we will remove any details which could reveal you as the source of the information before we share it.


Who will handle my information?

Our dedicated team of trained staff will handle your information.

We recognise that blowing the whistle or passing on information about the activities of your employer, colleagues, competitors or associates isn't easy.  Our experienced staff will offer you guidance and give you a professional and impartial service.

We are happy for you to give us your information in your own words.  Where necessary, our trained staff will ask you questions to help you communicate your concerns.


Is any piece of information too small to report to SFO CONFIDENTIAL?

No.  We are happy to consider even the smallest piece of information you can give us.

We appreciate that you might not know the whole story, but even so we are keen to hear the information you have.

How can I give the SFO information about serious or complex fraud or corruption?

SFO CONFIDENTIAL is an easy to use way of giving us information about serious or complex fraud or corruption.

You can give us information using our secure online reporting form, by email or in writing.  Our secure online reporting form is available 24 hours a day through our website.

Contact details

Secure online reporting form:


Email: confidential@sfo.gsi.gov.uk

Address: SFO Confidential, Serious Fraud Office, 2-4 Cockspur Street, London, SW1Y 5BS


Why should I contact SFO CONFIDENTIAL?

There are many reasons to contact SFO CONFIDENTIAL.  Here are just a few of them.

  • The information you give us could contribute to the arrest and the prosecution of people who have committed a crime.
  • Passing on the information lets you take control of a situation where you are concerned that someone else's offending is placing you in a vulnerable position.
  • If you suspect that one of your competitors is gaining business unfairly, you can help level the commercial playing field by giving information to SFO CONFIDENTIAL.