Operation Affair

Case update as at 27 February 2015

On 27 February at Ipswich Crown Court, Mr Peter Bibby was found to have benefited by £936,033.29 from his criminal conduct.  He was ordered to pay £173,940.58 by way of confiscation within six months or face a default sentence of an additional two years imprisonment.  A compensation order was also made to the full value of the confiscation order payable to victims.

Case update as at 25 April 2014

A convicted fraudster who evaded justice by absconding to Spain before his trial in 2011, was sentenced today at Ipswich Crown Court for his failure to attend.

His Honour Judge Overbury sentenced Mr Bibby today for his failure to attend court.  Bibby was sentenced to four months imprisonment for failing to attend to run concurrent with the six year sentence received in his absence.

Peter Bibby (DOB 01/09/67) was tried and sentenced in absentia in 2011 to six years' imprisonment.  He and six co-defendants were found guilty by a jury of fraudulently selling shares in a bio-diesel company Worldwide Bio Refineries Ltd.  

Peter Bibby failed to attend a hearing in the run up to the trial and a European Arrest Warrant was obtained by the SFO for his arrest.  The assistance of the Spanish authorities was sought through the Serious Organised Crime Agency, (SOCA), and Mr Bibby was arrested in Spain in September 2013.   Suffolk Constabulary, in conjunction with whom the original case was prosecuted, brought Mr Bibby to the jurisdiction and he appeared in custody at Ipswich Crown Court on 16 October 2013 for the warrant to be executed.

Further background on this case is available in the conviction and sentence press releases ( 22 July 2010, 12 September and 4 October 2011).

Case update as at 26 March 2013

On Tuesday 26 March 2013 at Ipswich Crown Court, HHJ Holt granted a Confiscation Order against Rahul Natwar Patel in the sum of £2,191,086.28 to be paid within six months or to serve a six year default sentence.  Any sum recovered in satisfaction of this order will be paid to the victims of the fraud for which Mr Patel was convicted.

Case update as at 17 August 2012

On 15 August 2012 at Chelmsford Crown Court, James Baird was ordered to pay a confiscation ordered  of £1,365,168, payable within six months or face a prison sentence of five years and six months in default of payment.

For further information, sentencing press release of 22 November 2011.

Case update as at 5 December 2011

On 22 October 2010 the defendant, James Baird, was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for contempt of court when he wilfully breached the terms of a Restraint Order made on 14 June 2010 preventing him from dealing with his assets. He was sentenced at the Central Criminal Court for five breaches which he admitted -such wilful breaches included dealing with his assets and refusing to tell the Serious Fraud Office where his assets were as ordered by the terms of the Restraint Order. The defendant appealed against his sentence of eighteen months on the basis that it was too long a sentence. The Court of Appeal dismissed his appeal on 6 September 2010 saying that the sentencing judge "... cannot be faulted, either in his decision to proceed or in the length of the term which he imposed. It was not disproportionate. It was not manifestly excessive."


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