SFO - Serious Fraud Office

Alta Gas Plc

On the 26 January 2010 Peter Brain Bradley was instructed to pay a £1 million confiscation order by HHJ Globe QC.  The full value of the order, which was to be paid by the 4th March 2010, was to be paid as compensation to victims of the fraud.  If Peter Bradley failed to pay the order within the time permitted he would be liable to serve a default sentence of a further 5 years imprisonment which would be consecutive to his custodial sentence for the fraud offences.

Peter Bradley failed to pay the order within the time allowed by HHJ Glove QC.  Peter Bradley requested a further time to pay the order claiming that the funds would be made available shortly.  The SFO objected to this on the basis that Peter Bradley was due for release in April 2010 and that he had no ties to the UK and was therefore considered highly likely to leave the jurisdiction making the order very difficult to enforce.  The SFO also pointed to the comments of HHJ Globe QC who stated in his judgment that there were grounds to believe Peter Bradley had assets overseas.  

At a hearing on the 29th March at Liverpool Magistrates Court before District Judge Shelvey, Peter Bradley was informed that he would serve the additional 5 years imprisonment for failing to pay the order.

Should Peter Bradley pay the order the default sentence will be quashed.  


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