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Tahir Tandoori Frozen Foods


Case update on 9 March 2012

Following an enforcement hearing on Friday, 9 March 2012 at Dover Magistrates court, the default sentence on Mr. Umar Khatab was triggered because he had persistently refused to pay his outstanding confiscation order which now stands at £74,230.98. The court imposed an immediate sentence of 600 days imprisonment.

Case update on 5 March 2010

On 5 March 2010, at St Albans Crown Court, confiscation proceedings concluded in the SFO investigation into Bedfordshire-based frozen food company, Tahir Tandoori Frozen Foods. A total of £67,845 in confiscation is to be paid as compensation to the two victims of the fraud.

Mr Umar Khatab and his son Haroon Khatab operated Tahir Tandoori Frozen Foods Limited based in Toddington. The business purported to produce Asian frozen foods but used fictitious performance figures to encourage American investors to provide funds believing the money would be used in connection with a legitimate business.

The confiscation figure includes gifts made by Umar Khatab to members of his family including wedding jewellery and £40k the sale of a property at substantially less than its market value. Umar Khatab has been given six months to pay the confiscation or face 20 months in prison.

Haroon Khatab was issued with a nominal confiscation order of £1. This is because all his assets had been confiscated in 2009 following a confiscation investigation by the SFO.

For further background of this case please see the SFO's press release issued at sentencing on 19 January 2009.