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Sorby, Leek & Justice

The SFO has been conducting a criminal investigation into Michael Sorby, Adrian Leek and David Justice in relation to allegations of bribery.

The three men were charged on 25 February 2016 with conspiracy to corrupt and conspiracy to bribe. The alleged offences are said to have taken place between 1 June 2004 and 13 June 2012 and concern financial inducements offered to secure contracts for their company.

The investigation commenced on 18 June 2013.

Reporting restrictions are in place and the strict liability rule of the Contempt of Court Act applies.


Michael Sorby, Adrian Leek and David Justice were charged with one count of conspiracy to corrupt, contrary to section 1 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906 and one count of conspiracy to bribe under section 1 of the Bribery Act 2010.


  • Michael Sorby
  • Adrian Leek
  • David Justice

Page published on 7 May 2019