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Patisserie Holdings PLC

The SFO is conducting a criminal investigation into the business and accounting practices of individuals associated with Patisserie Holdings PLC. Several arrests have been made in relation to this investigation, including one re-arrest.

Investors updates

13 October 2022

The questionnaire is now closed. We have obtained 147 responses to the questionnaire. We would like to thank the investors who took the time to complete it.

We will be reviewing the results and will contact some investors for further information in due course. Should any investors wish to contact us in the meantime, please email us at PHp.Investorcontact@sfo.gov.uk

22 December 2021

We have received a number of replies to the questionnaire and are currently collating the results.

The questionnaire will remain open for new submissions until 31 January 2022.

We will then be contacting a number of investors to obtain further information to assist us with our ongoing investigation. Please note that not everyone will be approached for further information.

21 April 2021

If you invested funds in Patisserie Holdings PLC, we ask you to complete an investigation questionnaire. The information enables the SFO to build a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of the suspected wrongdoing and to continue to progress the investigation.

The investigation is ongoing and we can give no further information or comment at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions for investors

Browsers and devices

This secure questionnaire will work with commonly supported up-to-date browsers and devices. If you have issues with the device or browser you are using, please try a different device and/or browser.

Issues submitting the questionnaire

Should you have issues submitting the questionnaire please double check the following;

  • All questions have been completed
  • Any questions requiring figures only do not contain symbols such as ‘£’
  • Contact number contains the country code e.g. UK country code is +44.

If you still have trouble submitting the questionnaire please forward Public Enquiries – Public.Enquiries@sfo.gov.uk a copy of the error code you receive for us to investigate further.

Advice for Holding Companies

If you are completing the questionnaire as a Holding Company, Nominee Company or a Wealth Management Company that holds shares on behalf of multiple clients and, consequently, is likely to have records of numerous transactions, please note the following guidance.

When completing the ‘Share Ownership’ sales details section inputting large volumes of data per individual and transaction can be unwieldy.  We, therefore, kindly request that any data supplied in this section of the questionnaire is entered as a sum or total for your company, rather than per individual transaction.

For example: You are a company with 50 PHp shareholders registered, each with 10,000 shares bought at £2 per share. 

Investment details section

  • The entry for ‘Date of Purchase’ will be the date you complete the questionnaire.
  • Record the collective sum for the 50 individuals / entities rather than 50 or so individual transactions in the questionnaire table. The sum of all the ‘Number of Shares Purchased’ would, therefore, be recorded as 500,000 and the collective ‘Total Price Paid’ would be £1,000,000. 
  • Under the ‘Unique Share Reference Number’ heading please insert ‘Total for company’ and in the final column add the name of the company holding all the shares (this could even be a subsidiary or umbrella company).

Once the questionnaire has been submitted and if you selected ‘Yes’ in reference to retaining a record of the shareholders, we will then contact you to obtain the shareholding details your company has registered.

We appreciate your co-operation in our ongoing investigation and should you have any further queries please contact us via Public.Enquiries@sfo.gov.uk.

Letters to investors

21 April 2021 – Patisserie Holdings PLC investors update

Page published on 15 Oct 2018 | Page modified on 13 Oct 2022