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Ethical Forestry Limited

The Director of the SFO opened an investigation into the tree based investment schemes run by the Ethical Group that included Ethical Forestry Limited in December 2016.

The Proceeds of Crime and International Assistance Department has also opened a confiscation investigation into all suspects.

Investors who meet the following criteria may be able to claim compensation from the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”) if:

  1. The investment was via a Self-Invested Personal Pension Plan (SIPP);
  2. They were advised by an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) who is no longer in business;
  3. The IFA was registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

For further information please visit the FSCS website at https://claims.fscs.org.uk/.

Investors update – 5 January 2023

The investigation into Ethical Forestry Limited is still ongoing. The SFO would like to thank those investors who have already completed our investigation questionnaire and ask that you please retain any correspondence or documents you hold in respect of your investment.

If you have invested funds into this scheme and are yet to complete our investigation questionnaire, we would ask that you do so here:  https://sfovla.egressforms.com/.

Should you have any queries or require assistance completing our questionnaire, please contact our dedicated Support Officers, by email at ethical@sfo.gov.uk who will be happy to assist.

Retention of Documents

Investors in Ethical Forestry Limited should advise the SFO if they have any documents relating to their investment. This includes any documents or correspondence held in an electronic format, e.g. emails. Please do not dispose or destroy any of this information as we may wish to review it as part of our investigation.

Contact Details

Please do not forget to update us if your contact details change or have changed since you completed a questionnaire.

Page published on 8 Mar 2017 | Page modified on 11 Jan 2023