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Corporate information

A-z filling

Strategic and business plans

Business plan 2018-2019 Last Updated: 13 June, 2018

827 KB [PDF]

SFO Strategic Plan (2016-2019) Last Updated: 9 February, 2017

957 KB [PDF]

SFO Strategic Equality Objectives (2016-2020) Last Updated: 3 May, 2017

81 KB [PDF]

Annual reports and accounts

Recent SFO Annual reports as presented to Parliament, following the close of the financial year.

SFO historical background and powers

A brief introduction to the establishment of the SFO.


In the transparency section are details of certain types of expenditure which every government department is required to publish. Further transparency returns can be found at www.data.gov.uk/

Freedom of Information

Recent requests to the SFO and our answers can be found in the Freedom of Information section.